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Cheap Internet Access Service Providers


EZ ISP Info is a great place to compare cheap internet service providers. Our ISP comparison lists important information on many ISPs, so you can find an internet service provider with the features and support you want. We list the prices and setup fees, so you can choose the lowest priced isp listed for cheap internet service.

Some of the cheapest internet providers we list are Juno, Netscape and Net Zero, but you may want to use the links below to compare multiple ISPs side by side. (Joi was the cheapest ISP we listed, but Joi Internet is now closed.)

Get started by clicking a link below to find cheap internet access in your state, territory or province in the U.S. or Canada.

Alabama, AL
Alaska, AK
Arizona, AZ
Arkansas, AR
California, CA
Colorado, CO
Connecticut, CT
Delaware, DE
Florida, FL
Georgia, GA
Hawaii, HI
Idaho, ID
Illinois, IL
Indiana, IN
Iowa, IA
Kansas, KS
Kentucky, KY
Louisiana, LA
Maine, ME
Maryland, MD
Massachusetts, MA
Michigan, MI
Minnesota, MN
Mississippi, MS
Missouri, MO
Montana, MT
Nebraska, NE
Nevada, NV
New Hampshire, NH
New Jersey, NJ
New Mexico, NM
New York, NY
North Carolina, NC
North Dakota, ND
Ohio, OH
Oklahoma, OK
Oregon, OR
Pennsylvania, PA
Puerto Rico, PR
Rhode Island, RI
South Carolina, SC
South Dakota, SD
Tennessee, TN
Texas, TX
Utah, UT
Vermont, VT
Virginia, VA
Washington, WA
Washington DC, DC
West Virginia, WV
Wisconsin, WI
Wyoming, WY

Canadian Provinces:

Alberta, AB
British Columbia, BC
Manitoba, MB
New Brunswick, NB
Newfoundland, NL
Nova Scotia, NS
Ontario, ON
Quebec, QC
Saskatchewan, SK
Yukon, YT

When searching for an ISP, many people view price as the most important consideration. Put another way, they are looking for cheap Internet access. It makes sense, since why pay more if you can get everything you need for less.

However, getting cheap internet service may not be as simple as finding one with the lowest price. You have to make sure that you are getting everything you need with the Internet access, and that there are not hidden fees.

That is why our site, EZISP.info, can really help. In addition to the monthly cost, we list setup fees and costs for tech support, so you can find really cheap internet access without surprises. We also list data on other features, such as how much webspace and how many email accounts you get, so you end up with cheap internet service that includes the features you need.

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