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High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet Service Providers


There are different types of high speed internet service providers. There are high speed DSL providers, high speed cable Internet services and high speed dial up internet access. The best choice of high speed internet access for you will depend on which high speed internet services are available in your area, how much you can afford, and your speed requirements.

High Speed Internet: High Speed DSL - High Speed Cable Internet

High Speed Dialup Internet
Many dialup internet service providers have high speed internet accelerators. These allow you to experience high speed internet service without the expense and commitment required for broadband internet services such as DSL or cable internet. While they make your Web browsing faster, dialup internet accelerators do not provide the performance of broadband services and generally do not improve the performance of file downloads.

High speed internet access from dialup internet accelerators is a good choice for those looking to get more out of their dialup service, without much hassle or expense. We include high speed internet availability and cost in our ISP comparison charts, so it is easy to find a dialup isp with high speed internet acceleration. Just choose your location in our ISP Search, and look at the "High Speed" column of our ISP comparison chart to find high speed internet service for dial up.

High Speed DSL Service
DSL service is another option for high speed internet access. DSL works over your existing telephone lines, but DSL service doesn't interfere with your phone service like dialup internet access. This means you can talk on the telephone or use your fax or answering machine, even while you are actively using your DSL internet connection. Plus, DSL is very fast–around 50 times faster than dial up connections. In addition, DSL service is more convenient as well, because DSL provides an always-on internet connection.

For more information on high speed DSL internet service and to find high speed dsl service providers, see our DSL Services page.

High speed DSL services include AT&T, Verizon, Qwest and Earthlink.

High Speed Cable Internet
Another broadband option for high speed internet access is cable internet service. This high speed internet service is delivered over your TV cable, without interfering with your cable tv. Typical high speed cable internet performance is on par with DSL service, with both offering far more bandwidth than dialup internet service.

To learn more about high speed cable internet and find services to join, browse our Cable Internet Services page.

High speed cable internet services include Adelphia, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Earthlink and Time Warner.

High Speed Broadband Internet
Within common terminology, high speed internet access and broadband internet access are synonymous. Visit our Broadband Internet Access to learn more about this term.

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