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DSL Internet

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Use this page to learn about DSL internet service, compare DSL providers, and find deals on DSL services.

Digital Subscriber Line, better known as DSL, is one of the best options for high speed internet access. DSL works over your existing telephone lines, but DSL service doesn't interfere with your phone service like dialup internet access. This means you can talk on the telephone or use your fax or answering machine, even while you are actively using your DSL internet connection. Plus, DSL is very fast–around 50 times faster than dial up connections. In addition, DSL service is more convenient as well, because DSL provides an always-on internet connection.

You may already be convinced that a DSL service provider is your best choice for internet access, but not know which DSL provider to choose. There are different DSL providers to choose from, and each has different features, options and service areas.

AT&T High Speed Internet
ATT High Speed Internet is offering broadband service for incredibly low rates. AT&T DSL is also offering exclusive online specials that are available for just a limited time, so now is the time to join. To learn more about this company or to join this DSL provider, go directly to AT&T Signup. We also have further information on this company on our AT&T High Speed Internet page.

Verizon DSL
Verizon DSL is another choice for DSL internet service. Verizon DSL is one of the largest DSL providers in the USA and offers high speed connections, 24/7 support, tons of features, many tools and services, extra subscriber perks. Plus Verizon DSL often has great deals and online only specials. To learn more about Verizon DSL or to subscribe to this DSL provider, go to Verizon DSL. For more detailed information on this DSL service provider, see our Verizon DSL page.

Qwest DSL
Qwest Communications offers high speed internet access with Qwest DSL. Qwest Communications offers local, long distance and wireless phone service, Qwest Dex white and yellow pages, as well as other services. With Qwest DSL you get high speed connections, 24/7 tech support online or on the phone, many features, options and extras, and great deals with online only specials. To subscribe to or learn more about Qwest DSL, go to Qwest DSL. For more detailed information on them, see our Qwest DSL page.

Earthlink DSL
Another great DSL provider is Earthlink DSL. Earthlink DSL makes a good choice for high speed internet access, since they have useful features, award winning customer support, and great deals such as low introductory prices, free activation and free equipment. For more information about Earthlink DSL or to subscribe to this DSL internet service provider, go to Earthlink DSL. We also have further information on this dsl provider on our Earthlink DSL page.

ADSL - Asymmetric DSL
Often the download speed and upload speed of a DSL service are different, or to use another word, asymmetric. DSL services like this are known as ADSL, which is an acronym for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. With ADSL, the download speed is much faster than the upload speed, with the download speed typically 4 to 10 times faster. Typical internet usage, such as web browsing, music downloads and software updates, involves a lot of download and not much uploading, which conforms very well with ADSLs capabilities. In addition, ADSL is usually the lowest cost DSL option. Because of these reasons, ADSL is usually the best choice for most people that want DSL service.

SDSL - Symmetric DSL
Some DSL providers also provide DSL service where the upload and download speed are equal. Since the speeds are symmetric, this type of DSL service is known as Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line, or SDSL for short. Usually DSL providers that offer SDSL, offer is as one of the Business DSL offerings. Unless you are using the internet is a way that requires a lot of uploading of data, such as hosting a web site, SDSL is usually not the right choice. This is because ADSL if usually much less expensive than SDSL, and ADSL has the best performance for typical home and office internet usage.

DSL Providers: AT&T DSL - Verizon DSL - Qwest DSL - Earthlink DSL

Beyond DSL Service
Besides for dsl providers, there are other choices for high speed internet access. One popular choice is high speed cable internet access, and you can find more information about cable internet on our Cable Internet Providers page.

Broadband DSL Internet
Using common terminology, broadband internet access and high speed internet access are essentially synonymous. Visit our Broadband Internet page to learn more about this term.

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