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ISP Help - Internet Service Provider Technical Support


At EZISP.info, we provide information on comparing internet service providers, but we do not provide tech support directly. Instead, we list where you can find internet help from your ISP.

Dial Up Internet Help and Technical Support

AOL - America Online
For AOL help and customer support for your AOL account, call toll-free 1-800-827-6364. To get an internet accesss number to sign on to AOL, call 1-888-265-8005. For customer and technical support en espa´┐Żol call 1-866-885-5117. There is also AOL Customer Support and AOL Help Online. If you need to close your AOL service, see the Cancel AOL Account page for help.

Arczip Internet
For Arczip customer service, call toll-free 24 hours a day at 1-866-890-4511. The same number can be used for billing questions. This is a toll-free call. You can also Contact Arczip Online or use their Ask the Expert online chat. If you need to end your ISP subscription, see our Cancel Arczip Service page for instructions.

AT&T Dial
For support for AT&T Dial internet service, visit the ATT Help site. AT&T provides support through Online Chat, E-Mail or telephone by calling 1-866-722-DIAL (1-866-722-3425). See our informational page if you want to Cancel an AT&T Account.

Earthlink Dial-Up
You can visit the Earthlink Support Center for online assistance with this Internet provider. Earthlink offers help via Live Chat, Email or phone by calling 1-888-EarthLink (1-888-327-8454). We have a page of information if you want to Cancel an Earthlink Account.

Juno Internet
To get help for Juno visit the Juno Support section at Juno.com. Telephone tech support for Juno is available at 1-866-491-5866 for U.S. users at a cost of $1.95 per minute. For Juno billing help you can call 1-888-839-5866, but note that this number is for billing related matters only and Juno billing agents are unable to help with other problems. We also provide a page with info if you want to Cancel a Juno Account

MFire Internet
Online help is available at the MFire Support page. You can also get tech support 24/7 by calling 1-866-MFIRE79 (1-866-634-7379). Learn how to end your MFire subscription with our MFire Cancellation information.

Netscape ISP
For online help with the Netscape Internet service, see the Netscape FAQ page. Phone technical support is available from Netscape Internet Service at 1-800-716-7445 for a cost of $10 per issue. For help in ending your ISP subscription, see the Cancel Netscape Account page.

Net Zero
For help with NetZero, go to the NetZero Support pages. Phone technical support for NetZero is available at 1-877-912-5866 for U.S. customers for a charge of $1.95 per minute. For NetZero billing issues you can call 1-866-841-1442, but this number is for billing related questions only and not for other problems. If you want to end your Net Zero Internet access, see our Cancel Net Zero page.

People PC
For PeoplePC Online customer service information on the web, visit the PeoplePC Customer Service page. For billing and membershop related questions, you can call 1-888-587-9669. PeoplePC Online Ultimate members can call 1-877-947-3327 for tech support. PeoplePC Online members can get technical support for PeoplePC software installation issues for free by calling 1-877-947-3327. All other tech support related calls are $1.95 per minute and should be directed to 1-900-285-8333. Read our info to learn how to Cancel People PC.

DSL Internet Help and Technical Support

To get help with ATT DSL internet, go to the AT&T Help website. ATT DSL offers technical support via Online Chat, E-Mail and toll-free phone by calling 1-877-722-DSL-5 (1-877-722-3755).

Earthlink DSL
The online Earthlink Support Center can provide help with this DSL service. For sales and product upgrades you can call 1-800-327-8454, for new service installation you can call 1-888-847-4708 and for technical support for existing Earthlink DSL service you can call 1-888-829-8466.

Qwest DSL
For tech support for Qwest Internet, visit the Qwest Internet Self-Help web site. Call 1-800-860-2255 for billing and payment questions, 1-888-777-9569 for support with Qwest Choice DSL with MSN Premium or Qwest DSL (with Qwest.net as your ISP), 1-800-247-7285 for support with Qwest DSL (with other ISP), and 1-800-903-5003 for support with Qwest DSL Pro.

Verizon DSL
For help with this DSL provider, go to the Verizon DSL Help and Support web site. For customer service or billing questions call 1-877-483-5898, and for technical support call 1-800-567-6789.

Cable Internet Help and Technical Support

Adelphia Internet
Get help online at the Adelphia Customer Center. To speak with an Adelphia customer service representative, call 1-888-683-1000.

Charter High Speed
Visit the Charter High Speed Support site for help with this cable Internet service. For live support call 1-888-GETCHARTER (1-888-438-2427).

Comcast Internet
The Comcast Customer Support Center is available for help with Comcast High Speed, Comcast Cable and other products. For immediate assistance, you can call 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278).

Cox Communications
You can get help with Cox high speed Internet, including Cox Instant Answers and live chat online at the Cox Customer Support site. Live customer service is available, but the phone number is different across the different locations where Cox provides service. Use the Cox Customer Support site to look up the customer service numbers for your area.

Earthlink Cable Internet
For customer service phone numbers and other contact information, browse the Earthlink Support pages. The phone number you call for help varies depending on which Earthlink service or cable Internet partner you are subscribed to.

Time Warner High Speed Internet
Time Warner Cable Internet used to be known as Road Runner High Speed Online, but they no longer use the RoadRunner name. They offer the Road Runner Help and Member Services site with FAQs, tutorials, live chat and email support. They also have the Time Warner Cable Support page where you first have to enter your location before it provides help specific to the services available in your area. The number to call for technical support varies depending on your location, so use the Road Runner help site or Time Warner Cable Support site to look up the number for your area.

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