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Earthlink Cable Internet - Earthlink Cable


Earthlink CableEarthlink, the popular internet service provider, offers various broadband internet services including Earthlink Cable Internet. With its high speed performance, useful features and extras, and friendly customer service, Earthlink Cable makes a great choice for high speed internet access. Plus their great online deals such as low introductory prices and free activation make now a great time to check out Earthlink cable internet. Sign up for Earthlink Cable Internet Today!

Cable internet access is high speed internet service that is delivered over your TV cable. Since it doesn't interfere with the TV signals, you can use your cable internet connection at the same time as you are watching TV. (You do not need to be a cable tv subscriber to get cable internet service, but cable internet access is not available in all areas.) Cable internet is extremely fast, and is much faster than dial up internet. The speed is generally about the same as DSL, and, like DSL, cable internet access provides an always-on connection. If you are looking for cable internet service, one great choice to consider is Earthlink Cable.

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Earthlink Cable Internet Features
At the time of this writing, Earthlink Cable packages include these features:

  • An instant high speed Internet connection – no dialing in, no waiting
  • Free, exclusive Pop-Up BlockerSM tool–blocks virtually all pop-up ads
  • Free, exclusive spamBlocker tool–blocks virtually all junk email
  • 8 email accounts
  • 10 MB personal webspace per email box
  • Free dial-up service–enjoy 20 hours per month of free dial-up so you can access your email and the Web when you're away from home
  • Toll-free technical support from friendly experts–24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Earthlink Cable Price
Available at a cost of $41.95 per month, Earth link Cable currently has a special limited-time online deal where your first 6 months are just $29.95 per month. Plus to make this deal even sweeter, Earthlink is offering free standard installation. With this low monthly rate and free installation, go ahead and Join Earthlink Cable Today!

Earthlink Cable Internet Speed
Earthlink Cable provides extremely fast connections. The speed is approximately 70 times faster than a dialup internet connection, so it makes streaming movies, downloading music, browsing the web and downloading software updates a snap. Download speeds are up to 3.0 Mbps and upload speeds are up to 384 Kbps.

As you will notice, downloading is much faster than uploading. (Most DSL providers are ADSL, and have similar differences in upload versus download speed.) This speed difference conforms exactly to what most users want, since typical internet activities such as downloading files and browsing the internet mainly involves downloading.

Other Cable Internet Providers
Earthlink Cable Internet isn't the only choice for cable internet access. Other cable internet providers include Adelphia Internet, Charter Internet, Comcast Internet, Cox Internet and Time Warner Internet.

Other High Speed Providers
Earth Link isn't the only choice for high speed internet access. There are also DSL Providers such as Verizon Online, Earthlink Net, Qwest and ATT DSL.

Earthlink Cable Internet
Earthlink Cable Internet

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