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AT&T High Speed DSL

AT&T High Speed DSL Internet Service - ATT DSL


AT&T DSLAT&T High Speed Internet is a very popular choice for DSL service. What makes ATT DSL a good internet access pick is that they're super fast, loaded with features and they offer greats deals including low prices and free activation. Sign up for ATT High Speed DSL Today!

DSL is short for Digital Subscriber Line and is one of the best options for high-speed, broadband internet access. DSL service works over your existing telephone lines, but, unlike dialup internet access, it doesn't interfere with your phone service, so you can use the phone normally even when you are using the Internet. It is also around 50 times faster than dial up connections, and provides an always-on connection. ATT DSL is one choice available for DSL internet service.

ATandT High Speed DSL Internet - Info - Details - Sign Up

AT&T DSL Speed
Internet access through this broadband ISP is very fast, though the exact speed depends on the plan you select. The lowest cost Basic plan is up to 10 times faster than dialup. The quickest plan, Elite, is up to 100 times faster than dial-up. Download speeds are up to 6.0 Mbps and upload speeds are very fast.

With DSL, it is common for the upload speed to be slower than the download speed. This form of DSL is called Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line or ADSL. Typical residential internet use and web surfing involves a lot of downloading and not much uploading, matching very well with the capabilities of ADSL. Since adsl is usually the lowest priced dsl option, it is typically the best choice for most people.

There are also forms of DSL where the upload speed matches the download speed. This is called SDSL or Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line. SDSL is commonly used for business dsl, and generally costs quite a bit more than ADSL. This companyt also offers SDSL, but most subscribers will be better off with the standard adsl package since it is lower priced and offers high performance with typical usage.

AT&T DSL Features
At the time of this writing, this company offers a number of different packages such as the Basic, Express, Pro and Elite packages. Here are some of the features that are included in some (or all) of these packages:

  • A free all-in-one security software suite
  • Pop-Up Blocker to help keep annoying ads at bay
  • Parental controls customizable to your preferences
  • Firewall software to help shield your computer from unauthorized access
  • SpamGuard to help keep unwanted email from clogging your inbox
  • Email virus protection software
  • Seamless transition from old Internet service - email forwarding, address-change notification
  • Unlimited nationwide dialup Internet access
  • Free Wi-Fi wireless internet hotspots
  • Personalized home page
  • Customized browser
  • Store photos online with virtually unlimited storage
  • Enhanced email - Mail PLUS at no extra cost with 2 GB of storage, POP access and email forwarding
  • Up to 10 additional email accounts with 2GB of storage each, POP access and email forwarding

AT&T DSL Price
You can order broadband access for as little as $14.99, and get a 24 month price guarantee. (Special prices may only be valid for online orders.) This low price is actually very competitive with the most popular dialup providers, yet it is much faster and packed with features. Plus they offer specials from time to time such as free activation, free self install kit, free wireless gateway, free DSL modem, and cash back rebates. Check their site for the current offers. With cheap low prices and so much that can be included for free with special deals, there is no reason not to check out AT&T High Speed Internet right now.

Other DSL Providers
AT&T High Speed Internet isn't the only choice for DSL Provider. Other choices include Verizon Internet, Qwest Internet and Earthlink DSL.

Other Broadband Internet Providers
DSL isn't the only option for broadband internet access. Another choice is cable internet service, and internet providers such as Adelphia Internet, Charter Cable, Comcast Cable, Cox Internet, Earthlink Internet and Time Warner Cable.

AT&T DSL Internet

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