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Qwest DSL

Qwest DSL Service - Qwest DSL


Qwest DSLQwest DSL is a leading Internet service provider. In addition to DSL service, Qwest Communications also offers local, long distance and wireless phone service, Qwest Dex white and yellow pages, as well as other services. With Qwest DSL you get high speed connections, 24/7 tech support online or on the phone, many features, options and extras, and great deals with online only specials. Sign up for Qwest DSL Today!

DSL is an acronym that stands for Digital Subscriber Line, and it's a leading option for fast internet access. DSL is convenient because it works over your existing phone lines without interrupting your phone service like dialup internet access does. This means you can use your phone and answering machine just like normal while you're using the Internet. But the main reason people people choose DSL is because it's incredibly fast. It ranges in speed from around 50x to 100x the speed of dialup connections. Plus, with DSL you get a convenient, always-on internet connection. One top contender for dsl internet service provider is Qwest DSL, and you can visit their site to subscribe online or to get more information.

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Qwest DSL Speed
Internet access through Qwest DSL is definitely high speed. With Qwest Choice DSL Premier you get download speeds of up to 5 Mbps and with the lower priced Qwest Choice DSL Deluxe download speeds are up to 1.5 Mbps. Either way, the bandwidth is very high providing for internet access that is way faster than dial up access.

Broadband internet services, including DSL, usually have a download speed that is much faster than the upload speed. This type of DSL is often called ADSL (for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) because the speeds are different, or asymmetric. If you are a normal home internet user, you do things like surf the web, download music and software, watch online streaming videos, etc. Since all of these activities primarily involve downloading data from the 'net, ADSL is very efficient. This makes ADSL the best choice for most users.

Some broadband providers have access where the upload and download speeds are the same, or symmetric. As you might expect, this is known as SDSL (for Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line.) SDSL usually costs quite a bit more than ADSL and is often marketed as Business DSL. However, for most home and business users, ADSL is usually the better choice because it usually costs less and has performance that matches typical usage.

Qwest DSL Features
Qwest DSL packages offer these features (we update regularly, but features can change at any time):

  • As low as $26.99 - Special rate when bundled with a qualifying home phone package
  • Free Activation when you order online
  • MSN Premium including: Parental Controls, Virus Guard, Pop-up guard, MSN Money Plus and Encarta Premium
  • 2 GB of e-mail storage, send messages up to 20 MB, and get up to 10 additional member accounts.
  • Convenient Technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Access via toll-free number, or online, as you want.

Qwest DSL Price
Order Qwest DSL online for as low as $26.99 per month. This is already a great deal, but the exclusive online special of free activation makes this an offer you should take advantage of before it expires. To sign up online and take advantage of these exclusive online Qwest DSL deals, go to the Qwest DSL Site to read the latest offers and subscribe.

With fast connections, affordable value, easy setup and usage, convenience and time savings, why not Join Qwest DSL Today!

Other DSL Providers
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DSL isn't the only broadband internet service choice. Also compare cable internet, and providers such as Adelphia, Charter, Comcast, Cox Communications, Earthlink Internet and Time Warner.

Qwest DSL Internet
Qwest Online DSL

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