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Cancel AOL

Cancel AOL Service - How to Cancel AOL Account Membership Subscription


This page provides instructions on how to cancel AOL service. If you are looking to cancel your AOL account, this site provides info on how to cancel your AOL membership subscription.

Before you Cancel AOL Service
If you plan to continue to have Internet access through another provider, it is usually best to sign up with a new ISP before you cancel your AOL account. To find another Internet provider, compare dialup providers using our ISP search, or browse through our listings of high speed DSL and Cable Internet services. After you have another ISP up and running, proceed to cancel AOL service.

How to Cancel an AOL Account
You may want to cancel AOL online, but this isn't available. To cancel your AOL membership subscription, you need to call America Online for cancellation at 1-888-265-8008.

Cancellation information is available at AOL Keword Cancel, but you cannot cancel AOL service online. However, they do list other cancel AOL account options, such as cancelling AOL by postal mail or FAX.

Usually America Online will try to get you to stay an AOL member by offering incentives or other offers. If you are sure you want to cancel AOL, be prepared to stand firm in your demand.

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Other Cancellation Information
Besides for AOL cancellation info, we provide instructions on how to cancel other internet providers. Other choices include Cancel AOL, Cancel ArcZip, Cancel AT&T, Cancel Earthlink, Cancel Joi Internet, Cancel Juno, Cancel MFire, Cancel Netscape, Cancel NetZero and Cancel PeoplePC Online.

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