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Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet Access Service Providers


Broadband internet access refers to a high bandwidth (high speed) internet connection. Although the technical definition of broadband denotes communications that use a wide range of frequencies or channels, the commonly usage of the term broadband internet access simply means an internet connection faster than 56 Kbps.

There are a variety of broadband options and therefore different broadband internet providers. Two of the most common broadband internet service types are DSL internet access and cable internet access. Notably, dial-up access is not broadband internet service.

Broadband Internet: Broadband DSL - Broadband Cable Internet

Broadband DSL Service
DSL service is a very popular option for broadband internet access. DSL works over your existing telephone lines, but it doesn't interfere with your phone service like dialup internet access. This means you can actively use your internet connection at the same time as you talk on the telephone or use your fax or answering machine. Plus, broadband DSL is very fast–around 50 times faster than dial up connections. In addition, broadband DSL service is more convenient as well, because DSL provides an always-on internet connection.

For more info on broadband DSL internet access or to find broadband dsl service providers, see our Broadband DSL Services page.

Broadband DSL services include AT&T Broadband, Verizon Broadband, Qwest Broadband and Earthlink Broadband.

Broadband Cable Internet
Another popular option for broadband internet access is cable internet service. This broadband internet service is transmitted over your TV cable and is very fast. It doesn't interfere with your cable tv, since it operates on a different frequency / channel. Typical broadband cable internet performance is similar to or faster than DSL service, with both offering far more bandwidth than dialup internet service.

Learn more about broadband cable internet and find services to join by browsing these Broadband Cable Internet Services.

Broadband cable internet services include Adelphia Broadband, Charter Broadband, Comcast Broadband, Cox Broadband, Earthlink Broadband and Time Warner Broadband.

Broadband Satellite Internet
Another broadband internet service option is satellite internet access. We will have more info on broadband satellite internet service in the future.

Broadband Wireless Internet
Wireless internet access is another option for broadband internet. In the future we will have more info and data on broadband wireless internet access.

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